Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swedish Blood and Sand Sheet Music

This is a rare piece of sheet music from Sweden from the film, "Blood and Sand." Sheet music, besides books, are my favorite items to collect in regards to Valentino memorabilia. Pieces of sheet music often depict scenes from the film or colorful, artistic depictions of the actors. I look at sheet music as in the same class as posters and lobby cards, they are of the same period and represent a tool to promote the film. This particular piece is not often seen, there are many other variations of sheet music from the film, Blood and Sand. As in this case the overseas variation is quite different that the U.S. editions.


  1. watched the great gatsby trailor, there's a scene in the trailor where blood and sand is advertised.

  2. I'm goning to have to see that. Thanks for the info lindsay!

  3. Lindsay,

    Great spot! I saw that myself and decided I will definitely have to see the movie!