Monday, July 27, 2015

French Beyond the Rock Movie Flyer / Advertisement

This is a Movie Flyer / Advertisement from the film, Beyond the Rocks with Gloria Swanson.  I find this to be interesting because when I translated this flyer, which reads: le droit d'aimer, in English means: The Right to Love.  I am not sure if they released the film with this title in France or not.  It is very interesting.  This a wonderful overseas piece, this would look great framed.....on my wall.

Vintage Italian Rudolph Valentino Book

This is a rare, vintage Valentino book from Italy.  The front of the book reads, Great Artists of Cinema, Rodolfo Valentino.  I am not sure of the age, my best guess would be post Valentino's death.  It appears to be yet another thing to sell with his image on the front, as so many magazines did the same.  I am an avid Valentino book collector; so, of course this is one I still have to have.  Another item to squeeze into the Rudy room!

Movie Poster from The Eagle

The is a great variation of a movie poster from the 1925 film, The Eagle.  This appears to possibly be a half sheet.  This film had many fantastic variations of movie art depicted on posters.  This was Valentino's 3rd to last film.  He starred as Vladimir Dubrovsky, a Russian solider.  I feel it is one of Valentino's finer films.  I do not think this film gets the credit it deserves amongst Valentino's work.  The film had action, great acting, and a solid storyline.  Valentino's acting performance, I feel, is amongst his best.  This poster is a fantastic piece, it is a fairly rare variation.  Would love to own this one myself.