Monday, September 30, 2013

Photos from The Son of the Sheik

There areso many promotional photos from Valentino's last film from 1926, The Son of the Sheik.  Many of the basic stock photos of Valentino are from this film.  I have included some of the more common photos along with a few you do not see too often.  One, is a fantastic side profile photo, that I just recently came across.

The Eagle Movie Poster

This is a unique poster from the 1925 film, The Eagle.  I am unsure of it's origins, along with what country it is from, or for that matter if it was actually used to promote the film.  It has a bit of an abstract feel to it.  It is possible it was used for a film festival, or it simply could just be an artful interpretation.  If anyone has any information, feel free to contact me.  I  simply wanted to share it and add another piece to the list of various collectibles out there!