Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swedish Blood and Sand Movie Poster

This is a poster from Sweden from the film, Blood and Sand. This is a wonderful example of a unique foreign movie poster. This is a rare version of a Blood and Sand poster. This poster depicts a drawn photo instead an actual photo from the film. This really is a great poster, this is actually the first time I have ever seen this particular photo. It is difficult to know just how many variations of foreign movie posters exist. I would be happy just having photos of them on my computer; however, to own a few would not be a bad thing.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rudolph Valentino Sa Vie, Ses Films, Ses Aventures

This is a rare French paperback book entitled: Rudolph Valentino Sa Vie, Ses Films, Ses Aventures. Which translates to Rudolph Valentino His Life, His Films, His Adventures. The book was published in 1926, it is part of the Stars of the Screen series. There are a couple different color variations of the cover, I only have one listed here. This is one of the more rare books out there, I own one of the variations, so of course I am on the lookout for the other.

Spats Personally Owned by Rudolph Valentino

This is a pair of spats personally owned by Valentino. He owned numerous clothing items at the time of his death as the estate catalog lists. The biggest problem is trying to properly authenticate each item. These are owned by Bryan who has shared some of his other Valentino items, including the coat from Monsieur Beaucaire. Personally owned items are very rare and very valuable. I do not own any of this clothing, I am still on the lookout, my problem is the cost is normally a few house payments!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photos from The Eagle

The following are five photos from the film, The Eagle. I really find this film to be what I call a modern silent film. I feel it serves as a precursor to the action/adventure films of the 1930's. Furthermore, another great Valentino film with many different costumes, and exceptional acting. This ends my movie review, haha, it is a bit comical to think of an Italian playing a Russian soldier, works!

The Silent Idol Hardback Collector's Edition

Recently, Donna Hill contacted me to inform me she is going to be releasing a very limited number of hardback edition of her book The Silent Idol. The following are some of the details from Donna:

The book will be 11x13 in size and a hardback edition with an imagewrap cover.
It will be 240 pages (as the original) but it might have some newly appended photos thanks to the increase in size. I'm not quite sure at this point, but I think the larger pages will cut some of the text pages down by a few. So it will be 400+ images and possibly a tipped in special photo, also signed and numbered to match the edition.

The book will be hand-signed by me (and if I can schlep them over and if she agrees to, I'll have Emily Leider sign them too) and they will also be hand numbered to a limited edition of 50 copies only.

If you are interested in a copy of the book, email Donna from her website, or contact me and I can forward you her email.

Professinaly Colorized Photo of Valentino from Claroscureaux

This is another great colorized photo from Kevin over at the Claroscureaux blog. It is wonderful to see professionally colorized photos of Valentino, I really enjoy this site. A must site to follow for vintage Hollywood fans.

Title Card from Monsieur Beaucaire

This is the title card from the film, Monsieur Beaucaire. The title card of the normally 8 lobby card set tends to be the most valuable card of the set. In the case of Valentino, this is not the case with the film, Cobra. That title card simply has an image of a Cobra, not of any star from the film, most importantly Valentino, making it a dead title card. In the case of Monsieur Beaucaire, it is the most valuable of the set and is not seen too often. It is a very desirable and valuable card, let me know if you have a few lying around.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

1922 French Sheik Magazine

This is a wonderful magazine from 1922. It is called Bulletin Paramount, the magazine is in French, the top of the magazine reads, appearing every month. Valentino and Agnes Ayres appear on the cover from The Sheik. I like this particular magazine, this is not a common photo from the film on the cover. The magazine itself is not common either; but, not overly valuable. I am still looking for this one myself. It would be interesting to know just how many magazines Valentino appeared on the cover of in the 1920's, it has to be in the thousands, ehh, I have a lot of buying to do.

Valentino and Ramon Navarro in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is a rare photo, the only one that I am aware of, Valentino and Ramon Navarro from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Navarro was an extra in the film, he was credited as "guest at ball." Thanks to Sam for sending me the link to this photo.