Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rudolph Valentino Sa Vie, Ses Films, Ses Aventures

This is a rare French paperback book entitled: Rudolph Valentino Sa Vie, Ses Films, Ses Aventures. Which translates to Rudolph Valentino His Life, His Films, His Adventures. The book was published in 1926, it is part of the Stars of the Screen series. There are a couple different color variations of the cover, I only have one listed here. This is one of the more rare books out there, I own one of the variations, so of course I am on the lookout for the other.


  1. Mine has the title and outline in red.

  2. I have one that has a hard cover.
    Did that come that way or done aftermarket?

  3. I looked at your photos of the book in hardback. I really wish I had an answer for you; however, I have never seen an edition in a hardback. My best guess would be someone bound the book. Take a closer look at the binding to see if it appears to be a custom binding. The other strange factor is this book has two different covers, one with the blue, one with the red, the book you have appears to have both. I am unsure what you have, I wish I could tell you more. Again, look closely at the binding to see if there is any evidence of custom work. Good Luck!