Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1922 Movie Weekly Magazine

This is a Movie Weekly Magazine from 1922. It features Valentino on the cover from the film, Beyond the Rocks. The magazine asks, "Is Rodolph Valentino a Bigamist?" This was during all of the Bigamy drama with Natacha and Jean Acker. This is not a common edition of Movie Weekly, you just do not see this one too often. I am still looking for this one myself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Lay back and enjoy a Valentino flick this evening!

This is a Valentino Tango Record. There are many variations of this record and cover. These gained popularity after the 1951 film Valentino was released. These are not very valuable, just another random item to buy for the collection!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Five Photos from Cobra

Here are five photos from my favorite Valentino film, "Cobra." The movie co-stars the sultry Nita Naldi. She vamps him throughout the entire film, which is a common theme throughout Valentino/Naldi films. Even though this is not as popular as The Sheik films or The Four Horsemen, I find his acting in this film to be very polished and advanced, I may be a bit biased though. Anyway great film, and great photos from the film.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rudolph Valentino Award and Program

These are two items from the Rudolph Valentino Awards Ceremony. The Rudolph Valentino Awards started in 1972, it honors lifetime achievements in international film. The last two recipients that I am aware of was Meryl Streep and Andy Garcia in 2010. There is a website that further explains the awards and past winners. The list of former winners are very impressive. The first photo shows Glenn Ford's award from 1977, the second is a photo of a program from the ceremony. The statue has since changed but is still a fantastic depiction of Valentino. The awards themselves are obviously very difficult to come by. The programs show up from time to time. This is yet a few more pieces of Valentino memorabilia that us collectors have to hunt down and buy.

French Sheik Movie Poster

This is a vibrant French Movie Poster from the 1921 film, "The Sheik." The poster reads, "Le Cheik." The art from the poster is the same as the art from the French paperback book of The Sheik. This is still a valuable poster; however, to Valentino collector's this would most likely be valued less than most Valentino posters due to the fact that only a crude depiction of Valentino appears on the poster. It is still a wonderful poster

Spanish Eyes of Youth Magazine

This is a miniature Spanish magazine from the 1930's. It depicts Valentino and Clara Kimball Young from the film, "Eyes of Youth." The front of the magazine reads, "Biblioteca Films, El Camino Del Amor, which translates to Library Films, The Way of Love. The magazine contains a insert photo of Valentino. This is a great little magazine. It is not too often that Eyes of Youth is featured on the front of a magazine.