Sunday, November 2, 2014

Early Autographed Photo of Rudolph Valentino

This is a wonderful example of an early Autographed photo of Valentino.  This photo is signed R. Valentino, which is not too common to find.  It is also signed in Valentino's favorite color ink to sign autographs, green.  This is a wonderful example of an early signed photo.  I would love to have a piece like this.  These early signed photos are getting harder and harder to find.

Blood and Sand Newspaper Advertisement

This is another great example of an original newspaper ad from the 1922 classic, Blood and Sand. As with most of these ads, it depicts slightly different art from most of the posters, lobby cards and various promotional material.  As I've said before, these are great to collect.  They are easy to frame or put in a scrapbook and they are reasonably priced.  Finally, I like this ad because it actually depicts Lila Lee and Nita Naldi together.  Most ads only depict one.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rare Beyond the Rocks Lobby Card

Just as I am amazed when I find some new photo I have never seen.  I am also pleasantly surprised when I see posters or lobby cards I have never come across before.  This is a rare card from Beyond the Rocks.  Until now, I had never seen this card.  This would really look good framed in my Rudy room!

Beyond the Rocks Tobacco Card

This is a tobacco card from the 1922 film, Beyond the Rocks.  I am not sure of the manufacturer.  There were countless tobacco cards produced depicting Valentino along with various movie stars of the day. This is one you do not see too often.

Rare Photo of Valentino as Black Feather

This is a very rare photo of Valentino posing as his spirit guide, Black Feather.  Yes, the photo was for sale on ebay, hence the ebay tag.  However, it was so rare, I had to save it to post.  I find it fascinating that after all these years, it is still possible to come across rarely seen photos!

Lobby Card from Monsieur Beaucaire

This is a lobby card from the 1924 film, Monsieur Beaucaire.  This is a wonderful, rarely seen card from the lobby set.  The cards that are not as common, I feel, tend to be more desirable.  Many of the lobby cards are getting more and more difficult to find.  For some of Rudy's films we are approaching the 100 year mark!

1923 Danish Magazine

It's been way too long since I last posted on the blog.  Life tends to be too busy sometimes.  We all have to make time for the things we enjoy.  Ok, enough deep life thoughts, back to the Rudy items.  This is a Danish Movie Magazine from 1923.  I really do not have any further information other than it is an obscure magazine from the 20's.  The photo of Rudy depicts him from The Young Rajah.