Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sometimes the Valentino Items find you!!

Hello all, please forgive me for my absence.  I just spoke with my fellow Valentino collector friend, Jim Craig you asked where I have been.  He told me it had been almost a year since I have posted.  Which is ridiculous!  I am still very much a collector and fan.  I have been so busy with work, a small business and family!

Anyway, I have a great Valentino Collectible story to share with you.  About 5 years ago I purchased a cut signature on ebay.  The wording of the listing was a bit confusing and I assume the seller was unaware of what they had.  Long story short, I purchased the signature for about $100.  I was ecstatic and could not wait to get my new autograph in the mail.  I was hesitant and wanted to examine it up close!  After a week or two I grew impatient and was curious where my autograph was.  I contacted the seller who told me it shipped and provided me tracking information.  The tracking stated my package had been delivered!  I contacted the post office....nothing, checked with neighbors....nothing.  I was so upset that my autograph was no where to be found.

Fast forward a few weeks ago.  I went out to our subdivision garage sale.  I walked across the street about 4 houses down, went into their garage, looked down.....and there it was!  My cut Valentino signature with a sticker that read  $10.  I literally picked it up, held it in my hand and began laughing.  The man, who's house I was at, looked at me funny.  I looked at him and said, "you are not going to believe this; but this is mine."  I went on to tell him the entire story.  He seemed "busted" to say the least that he had received my mail and not returned it to me.  He quickly said, well, uh, I got that in the mail, I did not know what it was and simply threw it aside.  I said look, I will pay your $10; but this is mine.  He quickly said, no, no, I feel terrible.  Take it, it's yours.  He then asked me why would I buy this in the first place.  I said because I was a Valentino collector.  He obviously had no idea what he had.  He proceeded to show me a few baseball cards he had for sale which he bragged were worth $10-$20, which he had looked up online.  How fortuitous for me that he failed to type in Rudolph Valentino autograph!  With my autograph tightly in hand I quickly left his home, walked 5 houses up and brought home my "find" 5 years later!  I was more shocked than upset that I actually got back my autograph!  Unbelievable!  Anyway, it was the best day I have ever had at a garage sale!