Friday, July 29, 2011

Rare Italian Sheik Felt Doll

This is a very rare doll that depicts Valentino from The Sheik or The Son of the Sheik. The doll is estimated to be from 1925. So, this could be a doll made in advance of the film or it could be made from The Sheik. Regardless, it is Valentino in a Sheik outfit. It is believed to be made from the Alma Doll Company from Italy. This is a super rare piece, not many of these dolls were produced. This would be a great addition for the Valentino that has just about everything else!

Photos from The Young Rajah

Here are five photos from the film, "The Young Rajah." Most of these photos are rare and hard to find. Many items from this film are still highly sought after. Even though the film was recently found, the print is not a complete copy. Therefore, there are many photos that do not appear in the film. There are many great items from the film out there.

Swedish Movie Poster from The Sheik

This is a movie poster from the film, The Sheik. This poster is from Sweden. I am not 100% sure; however, it does not appear to original, it appears to be from a re-release. Again, I have no idea, just a guess. It is a unique poster that depicts a small scene from the film along with a mad, scowling depiction of Valentino. A very unique and hard to find poster!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1924 Canadian Cinema Magazine

This is a magazine from 1924 called Cinema. It is a French Canadian magazine that depicts Valentino on the cover. They seemed to have slightly colorized the photo of Valentino on the cover give him the appearance of a red hue. As with most of the magazines I post, this one is not overly valuable, but just one more that would need to be added to the collection. With that said, I am still looking for this one myself.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Personally Owned by Rudolph Valentino

This is my 600th post and for the milestone posts I like to feature a special item. This is book that was personally owned by Valentino. The book is titled "The Flame of Life," by D'Annunzio. A few amazing things about the book. The book was most likely owned by Valentino before he became a big star. The year 1918 is wrote inside the book, which is most likely around the time he owned the book. On the inside cover of the book, Valentino signed his name, with the spelling Rodolph in a red pen of some sorts. Since he owned this before he amassed his fortune there is no Valentino bookplate in this book, instead it contains the book plate of Erich Von Stroheim! Stroheim, the silent movie director and later actor in various films including one of my favorite films of all time, Sunset Boulevard where he played Max the butler. I am unsure if he owned the book before Valentino or after, my best guess is after. There are also a couple of phone numbers wrote on the first page, one name is Priscilla, the other is Holly. Could this be silent movie actress Priscilla Dean, who knows?

If that is not enough,the book has a few pages where Valentino doodled and drew pictures. He practiced his monogram with RV and RG on one page, on another he drew a car, an engine, and what appears to be a hood of a car or a shield. Even though the condition of this book is on the rough side, it is truly a one of a kind item that not only features his autograph, but his drawings and his monograms and Erich Von Stroheim's bookplate. This is a truly fantastic piece any collector would love to own!

Lobby Card from The Conquering Power

This is a hard to find Lobby Card from the film, "The Conquering Power." This is the first time I have come across a lobby card from this film. There are not a great deal of items out there from this film. This would have a great deal of value and desirability. I would love to own this card.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plaster Statue from The Sheik

This is a plaster statue of Valentino that stands about 9 inches tall from the film, "The Sheik." The base of the statue reads: The Sheik. I do not have a great deal of information on this item. Many items such as this were homemade, others were manufactured by companies. I am unsure which category this one falls under. If anyone has specific information on this item, let me know.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rare Photo from the film The Cheater

This is a rare photo from the 1920 film, "The Cheater."  Valentino was not credited in this film, he was listed as an extra.  This was the first film he was listed as an extra since Alimony from 1917.  This is the first item I have seen anything depicting Valentino from the film.  This photo has a sticker of the back that states I need to credit The Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  Even though this is not an original photo it is very difficult to  find.

1926 Finnish Son of the Sheik Magazine

This is a magazine from Finland called Filmiaitta from 1926. The cover depicts Valentino and Vilma Banky from the film, "The Son of the Sheik." This is a wonderful overseas magazine depicting Valentino on the cover. Many of these magazines had orange covers, or depicted color photos, those tend to be a bit more desirable than the plain black and white cover. But, who am I kidding we would all still like to have it no matter what the color of the cover!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Photos of Valentino with Natacha

These are five photos of Valentino with Natacha. It is rare to see photos of her smiling, many people think it was a reflection of her personality, which I might have been; but, which was indicative of the time. The first photo is a fantastic photo of Valentino, Natacha, and Alberto. Valentino is sporting his European goatee, I think it is just a fantastic photo.

This photo depicts the sultry Nita Naldi along with the couple. I love Natacha’s facial expression in this photo. To me her face it saying: she not only looks much better than I do; but, she looks better with him than I do!

This is a photo of the couple from the Mineralava tour where they performed the tango from Valentino’s film, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This photo was taken as Natacha was leaving him. It is said they put on a show for the camera; but, Valentino was devastated.

The photo from Natacha's book Recollections.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exquisite Painting of Rudolph Valentino

This is an absolute exquisite painting of Valentino as Duke de Chartres from the film, "Monsieur Beaucaire." This image was painted by artist, Gaston Albert Lavillier in 1925. Valentino actually sat for Lavillier so that he could paint this portrait. This is a fantastic example of a one of a kind item that would be invaluable to an art or Valentino collector.

Re-Release Poster from The Delicious Little Devil

This is a re-release poster from the film, “The Delicious Little Devil.” This film was originally released in 1919. Once Valentino’s stardom took off, the studios re-released some of Valentino’s early films. They edited the films so that Valentino’s parts were repeated in the film, to make it appear he had larger parts in the film. Once re-released they produced posters, lobby cards, and marketing material that featured Valentino, even giving him billing in the film that he originally might have had a 5-10 minute part. Even though this poster is a re-release it is from the early 20’s and still very valuable and of course sought after by collector’s.

Lobby Card from the Film Cobra

This is a lobby card from the film, “Cobra.” Lobby cards from this film are not common, actually these are very difficult to find. I am still mad I let these get away a few months ago when they were on ebay. They are highly sought after and fairly valuable as well. To my knowledge the movie was not re-released, so these cards were not reproduced or re-released. I am still looking for one or eight to add to my collection!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Five Photos from the Film, Blood and Sand

These are five photos from the film, "Blood and Sand." This was one of Valentino's best performances, along with a great supporting cast. Besides both Sheik films Blood and Sand seems to have the largest assortment of collectible items. Most of the items from this film are very colorful and dramatic. If you have not watched this film in a while, check it out again!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Glass Slide from The Eagle

This is a glass slide from the film, "The Eagle." I found this image from the website, emovieposters. These are quite collectible and can be valuable depending on the condition along with the color combinations. Many of these were hand painted and many are cracked or broken. These are truly unique items to collect.

Newspaper Advertisement from The Young Rajah

This is a newspaper advertisement from the 1922 film, "The Young Rajah." Even though these newspaper ads are not highly valuable I find them to be wonderful, original items to collect. They often depict photos or scenes not found on any other memorabilia from the film.

Rudolph Valentino Memorial Button and Ribbon

This is a memorial button and ribbon presumably from 1926, celebrating Valentino. The button depicts a drawing of Valentino with his name, at the bottom it reads: Born 1895, At Rest 1926. The ribbon reads: In Memory. I am unsure or the origins of this item. This could have been created by the studios or simply by peddlers in New York who sold them to the crowd as they waited to pass his body in Campbells. I wish I had more information about this item; however, I find it to be a unique piece that was most likely cherished by his true fans who was around in 1926 and lived through the time of his death.

Rare Cobra Movie Poster

This is a fantastic movie poster from the film, "Cobra." I looked up the dates and days of the week, this is an original release poster from 1925. Cobra is my favorite Valentino film, I would absolutely love to have this. I have never seen this poster before now. Note the photo of Valentino on the poster in a bow tie, a likeness not from the film. This was a way for the studio to market a film with Valentino where he was not in costume, just the great lover as an Italian playboy. This is a absolute fantastic poster, this is one I will definitely be looking for, the biggest problem is trying to afford it, if I ever find it!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Five Photos from Moran of the Lady Letty

These are five photos from the film, "Moran of the Lady Letty." This was the first of four movies Valentino starred in during 1922. This film co-starred actor Walter Long, seen in the first photo getting choked-out by Valentino. Long co-starred with Valentino in three of his films. He played Captain Slippery Kitchell in Moran of the Lady Letty. You may also recognize him as Omar the Bandit in The Sheik, and Plumitas in Blood and Sand.

Monday, July 4, 2011

1926 Italian al Cinema Magazine

This is a magazine from 1926 called al Cinema. The magazine is Italian and depicts a photo of Valentino from The Young Rajah on the cover. Some of the vintage Italian items seems to be more difficult to come across. Not an overly valuable item; however, still desirable to someone like myself who does not own a copy.

Valentino, The Unforgotten

Valentino, The Unforgotten was a released in 1938 by Roger C. Peterson. Peterson worked at what is now Hollywood Forever Cemetery and wrote this book based on his experiences with visitors to Valentino's Crypt. This book was then re-released by Tracy Terhune in 2007. He stated that very few copies of the original first printing was released because of a warehouse fire that destroyed many of the copies. This making the original release more difficult to find and obviously more valuable. If you are able to come across a copy of the original, it is common to find the book signed by Peterson. Definitely one of the more rare Valentino books out there, especially based on the number in existence.

Autographed Photo from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is a fantastic autographed photo depicting Valentino from the film, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." I like the fact that he dated this photo as well, "1921." He signed this photo "R. Valentino," he often signed either R. Valentino or Rudolph Valentino. These were the most common variations. I have noticed in many of the signed letters out there, especially to people he was acquainted with he signed R. Valentino. Anyway, this is a fantastic photo and would be very valuable, especially to collector's and fans such as all of us.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Early Spanish Rudolph Valentino Tobacco Card

This is a rare, early Spanish Tobacco Card. The top of the card reads, "Artistas y Peliculas, which translates to Artists and Movies. This is a colorized early tobacco card that features "Rodolph Valentino." This card is quite valuable since it appears to be pre-Four Horsemen. The earlier items tend to be more valuable and more desirable. I have a fair amount of tobacco cards, but have never seen this one before. So, needless to say, this is one I am on the lookout for. So much to find!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rare French Blood and Sand Poster

This is a rare French movie poster from the 1922 film, "Blood and Sand." It appears to be a window card, which is simply a horizontal poster than is a bit smaller than a normal size movie poster. This is yet another example of a wonderful overseas poster that depicts colorful, unique artwork. A poster such as this would easily bring 5 figures at an auction, so needless to say I am not the proud owner of one, but always looking for someone who wants to part with one for a few bucks.

Five Rare Photos from Uncharted Seas

These are five rare photos from the film, "Uncharted Seas." This is one of two Valentino's lost films he had a starring role in, the other is The Sainted Devil. Besides this being a lost film, it seems any memorabilia from this film is also very difficult to find, even the still photos from the film. One of these photos appears to be a "behind the scenes," photo where someone is helping Valentino smoke a cigarette. All of the items associated with the film, are rare and very desirable, I am always on the lookout for items from this film!

The Son of the Sheik Picture Show Magazine

This is a Picture Show Magazine from July of 1926, about a month prior to his death. Picture Show was published in the UK and depicted Valentino on the cover numerous times. This one depicts Valentino and Vilma Banky from The Son of the Sheik. These are not too expensive to obtain; but, fairly desirable to collectors.