Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monsieur Beaucaire Sheet Music

These are pieces of Sheet Music from the film, "Monsieur Beaucaire." The first two pieces are for the song, "Red Red Rose." This is a great, colorful piece of sheet music. It is fairly common, but still a desireable piece.

This is also Red Red Rose; however, this is the UK edition. The strange thing about this sheet music is that most of the overseas sheet music, posters, magazines, etc. are very colorful, where as this is black and white and rather dull. However, this version is more difficult to come across than the American version.

This is Rudolph Valentino's Love Song. It is one of the more difficult pieces of sheet music to find from Monsieur Beaucaire.

Rudolph Valentino Cigar Box

This is a Rudolph Valentino Cigar Box. These were sold as "The Sheik of Five Cent Cigars." This is a great collectible. This is not rare, but difficult to find, it is a desirable collectible.

Moran of the Lady Letty Lobby Card

This is a Lobby Card from the film, "Moran of the Lady Letty." These cards go for a few hundred dollars.

The Sheik Sheet Music

This is Sheet Music from the film, "The Sheik." The music is "The Sheik of Araby." This is a fairly common piece.
This is "The Sheik of Araby," from London. This version is much harder to find; however, it is not rare.

Blood and Sand Sheet Music

This is Sheet Music from Blood and Sand. The name of the music is entitled, "You Gave Me You Heart." This a very common piece of sheet music.

This is same sheet music; however, this is the Austrailan version. This version is more difficult to find, but, still fairly common.

Vintage Henry Clive Pocket Watch

This is a vintage pocket watch that depicts Valentino from The Sheik. This is the same image from Henry Clive that appears on the Canco Hollywood Tins. These are not very common, not easy to find.

The Intimate Journal of Rudolph Valentino

This is the Intimate Journal of Rudolph Valentino. This is the hardback with the dust cover. It was published in 1931 by William Faro Publishing. This book is not truly the intimate journal of Valentino, it is not written by him in anyway. This is a very difficult book to find with the dust cover.

Edouard Raymond Books

There are a few books by Edouard Raymon in a few different languages. This is particular one is La Vie Amoureuse De Rudolph Valentino, published in 1927 by Librairie Baudiniere. This is the French edition. Vintage paperbacks are not easy to find, such as this one.

This is Und Die Frauen published in 1927 by Wilmersdorf. This is the German hardback edition, this copy does not have a dust cover. This is not an easy edition to find, especially with the dust cover...obviously, I still cannot find it.

His Romantic Life and Death

This is Rudolph Valentino, His Romantic Life and Death, by Ben-Allah. It was published in 1926 by the Ben-Allah Company. This is a paperback book. It used to be very difficult to find, but seems to be more prevelant recently. This book was re-issued in 2004, I do not own the re-issue book, to my knowledge it does not feature Valentino on the cover, if it does I guess I will have to buy it. If anyone purchased the re-issue, let me know.

A Few Color Images

These are various colorized photos of Valentino. The first photo from Monsieur Beaucaire is suppose to be an original color photo. One of the only color photos of Valentino. If anyone else has any information about this photo or any other color photos, let me know and I will post it.

Idol of the Jazz Age

This is a Castle Super 8 Film, most likely from the 70's. It is entitled "Idol of the Jazz Age." These are vey common, but it is a great picture from The Four Horseman.

Spanish Colgate/Palmolive Ad

This is a 8.5 x 11 color ad in Spanish. I am unsure if it is an ad for Colgate or Palmolive. I guess it was a good way to sell products. The older colorized photos are not too prevalent.

1973 Movie Classics Magazine

This is Movie Classics magazine from 1973. It depicts a color photo of Valentino as an indian. Very common magazine, just an interesting piece because of the color photo.

Mineralava Ad

This is an ad for Mineralava Beauty Creme featuring Valentino. When he was having problems with is contract with Paramount he and Natacha went out on dancing tours for Mineralava, where they danced the tango from The Four Horseman. They also used his image in magazine ads. These ads were massed produced but harder to find than I thought.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Movie Program

This is a Movie Program from the film, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." This program has great color pictures from the film. This is a oversized paperback program. This is not too difficult to find, but a sought after item.

The Young Rajah Movie Herald

This is a Movie Herald from the film, "The Young Rajah." Most Heralds are very collectible but not too difficult to find. They are great collectibles, they are like mini original posters.

The Sheik Books

There are many different editions and versions of The Sheik. This first book is the most common hardback. This edition is not a photoplay edition. This is The Sheik by E.M. Hull published in 1921 by Small, Maynard and Company. It is very difficult to find this book with the dust cover; however, the dust cover does not depict Valentino, still very sought after.

This version is a UK photoplay hardback edition. It was published in 1923 by Hull, George Newnes Limited. This edition does have the dust cover that features Valentino and Agnes Ayres. This edition is difficult to find, it is very sought after due to the fact that this is one of the few photoplay editions.
This is the French paperback edition. Le Cheik published in 1921 by Librairie Plon. This is a photoplay edition with various photos throughout the book. This is also a difficult edition to find.

This hardback UK edition is not a photoplay. It has no publishing date, it was published by Eveleigh, Nash and Grayson. This hardback with dust cover does not depict Valentino. This is a difficult edition to find.

Beverly Hills Funeral Invitation

This is an invitation to the funeral service at the Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills. There was a very limited number of these sent out. Due to the limited number of these in existence these are not easy to come across.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Self Portrait Signed Painting

This is a one of a kind self-portrait painting of Valentino. He signed the photo in the bottom right corner of the painting. As far as the value, name your price. Just an unbelievable piece.

Lenci Doll

The Lenci Doll, is one of the most sought after and collectible Valentino items. It is a doll with felt clothes depicting Valentino from The Sheik. These were produced in 1927 and 1928. These are very rare and very valuable. These bring upwards of $15,000 to $25,000. This is featured in Jack Scagnetti's book. I am still hoping to come across one of these at a estate sale for a few bucks, yeah right!

The Eagle Glass Slide

This is a colorful Glass Slide from the film, "The Eagle." Glass Slides like this one are fairly common, but often cracked or broken. In good condition they are very sought after.

Remember Valentino

This is "Remember Valentino," by Beulah Livingston. This was published in 1938, this is a paperback. It is a rare book, but it can be found on various websites.

Color Calendar

This is a highly sought after color calendar. I believe it is from 1926 or 1927. They are difficult to find, also difficult to find in good condition. As always if you have a few of these laying around, send them this way!

Stamped Signature Photo from The Hooded Falcon

This is a very rare stamped autographed photo. There were many stamped signature photos sent out to fans for a 25 cent fee. However, this is a photo from The Hooded Falcon, which was a film about the Moors that was never finished. There are very few stills of the movie in exsistance. I was surprised to see this stamped signature fanmail photo. Very rare and very valuable.

Moran of the Lady Letty Movie Poster

This is a Movie Poster from the film, Moran of the Lady Letty. It is very rare, and very valuable, so again if you have a few laying around, please send them this way!

Belt Buckle

This is a random item, it is a belt buckle that I believe is from the 70's. On the back it reads: "Tiffany Studio, New York." I am sure these were massed produced; however, they are not very common.

Alexander Walker Book

Next to the Irving Shulman book this is one of the most common Valentino books. This particular book was published in 1976 by Stein and Day. This is a hardback with the dust cover.

This is the UK edition published in 1976 by Elm Tree Books. This is also a hardback with a dust cover.

This edition was published in 1977 by Penguin, this is a paperback.

The most rare of the Alexander Walker books is this UK paperback published in 1977 by Sphere books.

More Autographed Photos

These are three more great examples of Valentino's autograph. Sometimes he signed R. Valentino, sometimes he signed Rudolph Valentino. In the first photo notice it was signed with a green pen, it has been said that green pens were his favorite. Most of his autographs are personalized. Not extremely rare to find, just very, very expensive.

Rare French Blood and Sand Poster

This is a fantastic rare French movie poster from the film Blood and Sand. I find this poster strange because the top left photo makes it appear that Valentino has a shaved head. In the film he has substantial sideburns, which is not consistant with the photo. This is just a great example of a very colorful foreign poster.

Monsieur Beaucaire Posters

These are two rare posters from the 1924 film, Monsieur Beaucaire. Both are very rare and very difficult to come across.