Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sheik Books

There are many different editions and versions of The Sheik. This first book is the most common hardback. This edition is not a photoplay edition. This is The Sheik by E.M. Hull published in 1921 by Small, Maynard and Company. It is very difficult to find this book with the dust cover; however, the dust cover does not depict Valentino, still very sought after.

This version is a UK photoplay hardback edition. It was published in 1923 by Hull, George Newnes Limited. This edition does have the dust cover that features Valentino and Agnes Ayres. This edition is difficult to find, it is very sought after due to the fact that this is one of the few photoplay editions.
This is the French paperback edition. Le Cheik published in 1921 by Librairie Plon. This is a photoplay edition with various photos throughout the book. This is also a difficult edition to find.

This hardback UK edition is not a photoplay. It has no publishing date, it was published by Eveleigh, Nash and Grayson. This hardback with dust cover does not depict Valentino. This is a difficult edition to find.

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