Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Valentino Pictured with Other Celebrities

Valentino, which you most likely already know, was included in the Hollywood royalty of the 1920's.  Fans not only adored him, his fellow actors did as well.  I enjoy finding these photos of Valentino pictured with other celebrates of the day.  These photos include him with Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Mae Murray, William S. Hart, and John Barrymore,

Lobby Card from The Young Rajah

This is a vibrant, colorful Lobby Card from the 1922 film, The Young Rajah.  Most of the collectibles from this film contain rich, exotic colors.  This film was not a huge financial success, in this case, there was less promotional material available.  This film was lost for years, a partial copy was found and was pieced together along with movie stills.  Memorabilia from lost films tend to create a higher value.  Most people alive today has never seen any of these lost films, thus the only way to visually re-create it is from stills and various posters and lobby cards.  This is a wonderful example of a sought after lobby card.  Still looking for this one myself!