Friday, December 28, 2012

Rare Spanish Blood and Sand Photoplay Book

This is a rare paperback from Spain. This is a photoplay edition from the 1922 film, Blood and Sand. This is a fairly rare book, it has a fantastic colorized photo of Valentino from the film on the cover. I really enjoy the items from overseas with all the unique, colorful artwork. This is a fantastic piece!

Happy Holidays

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. Hopefully many of you received some new Valentino items for Christmas. I was lucky enough to get some of my favorite Valentino items, a few rare books for my collection that I did not have. I will post a few over the next couple of days. Feel free to share any of your recent acquisitions, I would love to post some photos. I recently had a question from someone who follows the blog, they wanted to know what size shoe Valentino wore. Does anyone have any specific information? I know that his costumes still exist, so, I know the information is out there. Feel free to email me or post a comment. Happy Holidays!