Friday, December 30, 2011

Glass Slide from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is a rarely seen Glass Slide from the film, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. As stated in earlier posts, many glass slides are difficult to find in today's market that are not cracked or broken. They were often hand painted, which can lead to many different variations of the same slide. One other note on this item, not all of the marketing merchandise featured Valentino, it is great to see him featured on this piece. The photo is from

Fantastic 1922 Moving Picture World Magazine

This is a fantastic Moving Picture World magazine from 1922. It features a great profile photo of Valentino from the film, "The Young Rajah." This is a sharp looking magazine that you simply do not see too often. A great example of yet another magazine that Valentino graces the cover of.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photos of Valentino with Natacha

These are five photos of Valentino with Natacha, many of them you do not see too often. What is even more rare than that, she is actually smiling in a few! The couple were often photographed while out in public. She and Valentino were married from 1923 to 1926.

1995 Birthday Rudolph Valentino Fan Club Booklet

This is a 100th Birthday dedication booklet from 1995. The booklet is called Buon Compleanno, which is Italian for Happy Birthday. The Booklet was produced by Patricia Lampinen who used to run a Valentino fan club back in the 90's. There were about 30 or so members, including myself. She asked the current members to send birthday messages and poems to her to create this 100th birthday booklet. Even though this was simply a homemade item it is significant because there were only 30 or so created and it was created by one of many Valentino fan clubs over the years. This would be a desirable item to those who are now collector's who were not former members of this fan club and has to have one of everything out there.

Moran of the Lady Letty Lobby Card

This is a Lobby Card from the film, "Moran of the Lady Letty." All of the lobby cards from this film are black and white. Lobby cards from this film tend to be more difficult to find compared to lobby cards from some of Valentino's other films. This is one of Valentino's more obscure films; however, there are some great collectibles out there.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rare 1925 Magazine from Finland

This is a hard to find magazine entitled "Allas Kronika." This magazine is from Finland and is dated 1925. The name of the magazine translate to "Everyone's Chronicle." The cover depicts Valentino from the film Monsieur Beaucaire. Even though the cover does not have vibrant colors, it would still be a desirable magazine to collectors/myself.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Photos from Blood and Sand

Here are five photos from the 1922 film, "Blood and Sand." Blood and Sand is a fantastic film which co-starred Lila Lee, Walter Long, and my favorite silent sexy-vamp Nita Naldi. One of the photos is taken from, it is my favorite of the five, I enjoy the artsy shadow play. A great story, great acting, and a film filled with great costumes!

Rare Once to Every Woman Poster

This is a very rare poster from the 1920 film, "Once to Every Woman." This is one of Valentino's early films and unfortunately remains lost. Valentino made a total of 6 films in 1920. Dorothy Phillips received top billing for the film. It is my understanding that Valentino did not have a big part in the film, so it is unique to see him prominently displayed on the movie poster. I do not believe this film was re-released after his stardom. This appears to be an original poster from 1920, since his name does not appear on the poster. This would be a fairly valuable poster due to the rarity of items from the film, along with the demand from collector's to own something from his early days, I.E. pre-Four Horsemen.

Halloween Mask from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

This is a random item, that you do not see too often. My guess is that it is from the late 60's, or most likely the 70's. It is a cardboard mask of Valentino from The Four Horsemen. It has two small holes cut out where the eyes are. I know there is a Theda Bara edition as well. I am unsure if this product was homemade or mass produced. I find it to be one of those very random items that collector's who have to have one of everything would need to buy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

1921 Newspaper Advertisement for The Sheik

This is an original 1921 Newspaper Advertisement for the film, "The Sheik." Above the movie art it states The Milwaukee Journal, November 29, 1921. This verifies the fact it is from 1921 and not a re-release. These are great collectibles, just don't expect to rich off of these.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Son of the Sheik Picture Show

This is a Picture Show Magazine from November of 1926. It depicts Valentino and Vilma Banky on the cover from the film, "The Son of the Sheik." These are fantastic magazines from the UK. Valentino appeared on the cover of these magazines many times. This particular one advertises a 16 page Art Souvenir from The Son of the Sheik. These are wonderful magazines and are fairly desirable.