Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1995 Birthday Rudolph Valentino Fan Club Booklet

This is a 100th Birthday dedication booklet from 1995. The booklet is called Buon Compleanno, which is Italian for Happy Birthday. The Booklet was produced by Patricia Lampinen who used to run a Valentino fan club back in the 90's. There were about 30 or so members, including myself. She asked the current members to send birthday messages and poems to her to create this 100th birthday booklet. Even though this was simply a homemade item it is significant because there were only 30 or so created and it was created by one of many Valentino fan clubs over the years. This would be a desirable item to those who are now collector's who were not former members of this fan club and has to have one of everything out there.

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