Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1930's/40's Film Advertisement for The Son of the Sheik

This is a advertisement for the 1930's/40's re-release of The Son of the Sheik.  This ad shows costs for purchasing the film.  16 MM with sound $300, 16MM Silent $150, 8MM Silent $75.  This was distributed by Nu-Art Films Inc.  The film is tagged as "Sensational Revival by Popular Demand!"  A unique  advertisement piece.

Friday, August 23, 2013

87th Anniversary of Valentino's Passing

87 years ago today, Rudolph Valentino passed away in a New York hospital.  He was in New York promoting his latest film, The Son of the Sheik.  This film would go on to be a great success, quite possibly due to the  fact that it was his last film.  Valentino was hospitalized while in New York, many speculated it was a promotional ploy to draw attention to Valentino and his new film.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Valentino passed away at 12:10 on the afternoon of the 23rd at the age of 31.  The outcry from fellow actors and especially fans would spread worldwide.  Remember Valentino today, I will leave you with a one of his poems from Daydreams:  "Powerless"  When I see a look of sadness, In the eyes of You, Thoughts of grief akin to madness Surge my being through.  Am I then so weak and helpless, That I can not send Even shadowings of sorrows To their deserved end.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Young Rajah Cine Revue

This is another great example of a French Magazine called Cine Revue.  This magazine produced some great, dramatic covers depicting Valentino.  This particular one features Valentino from the 1922 film, The Young Rajah.  Yet another great example of 1920's magazine with Valentino on the cover.

Cobra Sheet Music

Ok, so I am a sucker for Books and Sheet Music.  This is a rare piece from the 1925 film, Cobra.  The sheet music has dates on the bottom, Thursday July 1st.  There was a Thursday July 1st in 1926, so I guess it's possible this movie theater did not screen them film until then.  Regardless, I think it's a uncommon piece, most likely not overly valuable; however, I am on the look out for.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Signed Copy of Monsieur Beaucaire Book

This is a rare example of a movie tie-in book signed by Valentino.  The book is Monsieur Beaucaire, which was made into a film Valentino made in 1924.  The inscription reads: Cordially Yours, Rudolph Valentino, Strand Theatre, August 16, 1924.  I assume this was obtained by a fan or possibly the theater owner.  Valentino may have been there promoting the film.  This is a fantastic example of Valentino's signature along with an inscription.  This would be a fairly valuable piece.