Sunday, August 4, 2013

Signed Copy of Monsieur Beaucaire Book

This is a rare example of a movie tie-in book signed by Valentino.  The book is Monsieur Beaucaire, which was made into a film Valentino made in 1924.  The inscription reads: Cordially Yours, Rudolph Valentino, Strand Theatre, August 16, 1924.  I assume this was obtained by a fan or possibly the theater owner.  Valentino may have been there promoting the film.  This is a fantastic example of Valentino's signature along with an inscription.  This would be a fairly valuable piece.


  1. Didn't Valentino sign with green ink most of the time? What an incredible piece, and how
    fortunate is it's owner!

    Many thanks for posting.

  2. It has been said that Valentino's favorite color to sign in was green, hence the Rudolph Valentino Collectibles header on the blog here in green. However, he did sign in my different inks.

    The owner is quite lucky to own this one. I am sure it belongs to one of our readers. I saved these photos from ebay a few years ago. Definitely a great piece.

  3. This is a forgery, better than most but easy to spot fake. I wonder who really signed this?