Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lobby Card from Beyond the Rocks

This is a lobby card from the 1922 film, Beyond the Rocks, starring Valentino and Gloria Swanson.  Original Valentino Lobby Cards are very sought after, most are very valuable.  This particular card is fairly rare and is not often seen.  I believe the value of this card is greater than most also due to the fact that it is Swanson and Valentino, Swanson was one, if not the biggest co-star in all of Valentino's films.  Hence this card duel star-power collect-ability.  This would look great hanging from my Valentino wall....if there were space left.


  1. Beautiful card, lovely post, many thanks.

  2. That Valentino shrine room is the Best

    1. It is pretty great, I need to spend more time down in that room!

  3. Brad, this is not the title card from the Lobby Card set.