Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rudolph Valentino and Pola Negri First Prize...500th Post and 1 Year Anniversary of this Blog!

Well, this is my 500th post, it is also the one year anniversary of this blog. I started this blog of Rudolph Valentino Collectibles one year ago today as a way to showcase various Valentino items. It is a long story how I became a Valentino fan, I will save that for another time. But, once I started getting more and more interested in Valentino, I came across the book, "The Intimate Life of Rudolph Valentino," by Jack Scagnetti. In the back of the book were photos of Michael Back's collection. I thought is was so interesting to have a collection of Valentino items, I began my own. I used Scagnetti's book as a guide to see exactly what was out there. I always thought it would be nice for collectors and fans to be able to see photos of various items that existed, thus this blog was born. I truly appreciate all of the kind and gracious feedback and input from all of you. Along with all that follow this blog. I truly enjoy being a Valentino fan and collector, and I really enjoy working on this blog as often as I can. Thank you all so much for being a part of it!

Now, a special post for #500. In 1926 Valentino and Pola Negri attended a costume party. Valentino wore his suit of lights from Blood and Sand, Pola went as a Spanish Dancer of sorts. The couple won first prize at the party. The first prize gift was this pair of sterling silver goblets that have the following engraved in both, Rudolph Valentino, Pola Negri, 1926. These goblets are truly a one of a kind set and would be invaluable to any collector.

Rare Spanish Cobra Paperback Book

This is a very rare paperback book from Spain. This is similar to the Black Eagle book I posted earlier this month. The book is in Spanish and features various photos from the film, Cobra from 1925. Just as I stated about the Black Eagle book this book is made of a very cheap, thin paper, thus leading me to believe 85 years later there are not many in existence. This is one of my favorite book covers, I really enjoy the colorized scene of Valentino and Nita Naldi.

Rare Alberto Valentino Autographed Photo

This is a rare find. It is a Henry Waxman photograph of Rudolph Valentino signed by his brother, Alberto Valentino. The photo reads:

To Mrs. Pearl M. Smith, In memoriam of my beloved Rudy, devotedly, Alberto Guglielmi Valentino, Sept. 1927

It is not common to find Alberto's signature on one of Rudy's photos. This makes this piece more unique and more valuable. The value would not bring as much as Rudy's signature but, would still bring a generous amount. As I have previously noted, it is amazing the similarities between the handwriting of these brothers, especially the way in which they both sign Valentino.

Re-Issue Movie Poster from The Son of the Sheik

This is a great example of a re-issue movie poster from the film, "The Son of the Sheik." I would guess this poster is from the 40's. This seemed to be one of the most popular Valentino films that was re-released in theaters. These posters often used different art from the original release poster. This created many variations of these movie posters, they even differed from the foreign re-releases as well. These are still very valuable and very collectible.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

1925 Finnish Eagle Magazine

This is a magazine called Filmiaitta from Finland. This magazine is from 1925 and depicts Valentino from the film, "The Eagle." The color cover features a fantastic color drawing of Valentino. This is not a common magazine and would be highly desirable for collectors like myself.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Original Michael Back Art

This is a wonderful piece of original Michael Back art. It depicts a profile image of Valentino as the Sheik. There is a "RV" mark with the word, "Back," for Michael Back under the image of Valentino. The image is created from a wood-burnt art technique on a wooden plank of some sort. It is truly a one of a kind piece created from one of the most prolific Valentino collectors in the world.

Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol

I hope everyone have a great Christmas. I received quite a few fantastic gifts, especially Valentino items, which I will be posting over the next few days. This happens to be one of them, Rudolph Valentino, The Silent Idol, by Donna Hill. This is a fantastic book of rare photographs of Valentino through his early childhood, his time before his movie career, his films, and memorial photos after his death. The book consists of 224 pages of candids and rarely seen photographs of Valentino. I was very pleased to see a few of the photos I sent to Donna appeared in the book. This is a must have for any Valentino collector or fan, the photos are fantastic!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I appreciate all of the collectors and fans who stop by the blog to read, or share photos of their items. It has been almost 1 year since I started the blog. I really enjoyed posting items, when I have the time. I am still amazed after all of this time at the amount of Valentino related items that are out there. I am also still amazed at the amount of admirers and collectors out there. I enjoy hearing from all of you along with your items and stories.

I hope all of you have a great Christmas with all of your friends and family. I am also looking forward to the upcoming Valentino gifts from my friends and family as well....I can't wait!

1923 Canadian Cinema Magazine

This is a magazine called Cinema. It is dated June of 1923, it is in French and is from Montreal. The magazine depicts a great colorized photo of Valentino on the cover. It is not too common to see items from Canada. The magazine itself it not too valuable, but as always desirable to collectors like myself who just have to have it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Valentino Cover from a Paper Tablet

This is a fantastic item sent to me from a reader named Barb. She obtained a few items from her Grandmother, this being one of them. This is a cover from a collection of movie star paper tablets. This one features Valentino from the film Blood and Sand from 1922. This cover has an ornate design on the bottom of the page. I have also included another variation of the tablet, the photo also includes the Gloria Swanson tablet as well. These are fairly difficult to find. The most valuable variations include the unused tablet of paper. I have one of the covers, but now the entire tablet.

Behind the Scenes on the Set of The Eagle

The following are five photos from the set of the film, The Eagle from 1925. All of the photos, except one, include director, Clarence Brown. I particularly like the photo with Valentino and Clarence Brown standing in between the bulls-eye cutouts that are meant to look like Valentino. I wonder if any of those cutouts are still around today? That would be a whole different post. Plus, where would you put something like that in your house? I could put one in my Valentino room, but most likely it would scare the hell out of me every time I walked in!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rudolph Valentino French Film Revue Magazine

This is a French Magazine called Film Revue. The cover features Valentino on the cover from the film, Monsieur Beaucaire from 1924. This is not a common magazine; however there were thousands and thousands of magazines published with Valentino on the cover. The most desirable examples are color photos, scenes from his most popular films, and uncommon photos.

Monday, December 13, 2010

British Edition of Daydreams with Dustcover

This is an update post of the British Edition of Daydreams. I posted this book a while back. I recently obtained this book with the original dust cover. This book of poetry wrote by Valentino himself is a rare book, the British edition is more scarce than the U.S. edition. This particular book has the original dust cover. The dust cover for Daydreams is extremely rare to find. The dust cover is made of a thin paper stock and many did not survive throughout the years. This edition of Daydreams has to rank in the top 5 among the rarest Valentino books. One of the rarest, How You Can Keep Fit, Valentino's other book is one I am still looking for.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beyond the Rocks Playbill

This is a Playbill from the film, "Beyond the Rocks." This is not from 1922 when the film was released. The playbill reads Monday and Tuesday August 21st and 22nd. This did not occur until 1933. A theater could have played his films for the anniversary of his death, which was on the 23rd. The playbill, though not common would not be extremely valuable, just sought after by crazy collectors like myself that has to own one of everything.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Studio / Publicity Photos of Valentino

These are five photographs of Valentino taken in studios and or for publicity purposes. Of all Valentino photos my favorites are candids, rare movie stills and studio portraits. There are many studio portraits with the studios insignia or beveled mark on the photograph, these are not as common to come across and are very valuable.

French Blood and Sand Cine Revue

This is a French magazine from 1922 called Cine Revue. It depicts Valentino on the cover from the film, "Blood and Sand." It is a very dramatic profile photo of Valentino in his costume from the film. This particular magazine is not too common, I am still looking for this one myself.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Re-Release Son of the Sheik Movie Poster

This is a great re-release poster from the film, "The Son of the Sheik." This poster is from Argentina and most likely dates from 30's or 40's. Many posters outside of the U.S. had different variations of artwork from the U.S. versions. This is a great example of just that. Notice on this poster is a image of Valentino in a suit, which is obviously not from the film. It was a way to showcase Valentino aside from the film, bring in Valentino fans to see this film, also, to bring in Valentino fans who were not familiar with his work. Overall, this is a unique poster that would be reasonably priced in comparison to an original poster from 1926.

Rare Spanish Eagle Paperback Book

This is a rare paperback book from Spain. The book is titled The Black Eagle. This paperback is wrote in Spanish and has various photos from the film from The Eagle from 1925. The book is made with a cheaper paper stock which means most likely there is not a great deal of copies still in existence. This book is very difficult to find and would be quite valuable. I am a huge Valentino book geek this was a fantastic book to obtain.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Monsieur Beaucaire Movie Theater Handout

This is a rare movie theater from Paraguay. The handout depicts Valentino from the 1924 film, Monsieur Beaucaire. Not one of Valentino's most popular films, this was his first film back after we walked out on his contract. He and Natacha, mainly Natacha wanted more artistic integrity in the films he made. In the case of Beaucaire led to overpriced costumes and set designs, along with a film that his base fans just did not get.

This is not a common piece, this is the first item I have seen from Paraguay. It is not worth hundreds of dollars, but would be sought after for collectors like myself because of the uniqueness of the item.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Insert from the 1929 Memorial Service

This is a rare pictorial of the 1929 Valentino Memorial service. I am unsure if this is from a magazine or newspaper. Original items from the early memorial services are rare and not easy to find. I am still looking for this item myself.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I was unable to find a photo of Valentino with a turkey, or a photo of Valentino eating, so how about a photo of Valentino with spaghetti. It is a great photo because it shows him smiling, which is not too common in his photos. One of the documentary's from a few years ago features an interview with one of Valentino's friends named Paul Ivano. He spoke about Valentino making long spaghetti and that when you ate it you could not cut it just like in Italy. It was a little joke because the spaghetti was so long it would take you forever to twirl it up on your fork.

Anyway, I know this has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, it's just the only food story I have on Valentino, enjoy the holiday!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Keystone Monsieur Beaucaire Magazine

This is a magazine from February 1925 called, The Keystone. The magazine depicts Valentino and Doris Kenyon from the film, Monsieur Beaucaire. This magazine is a Valentine's Day special issue. This is a wonderful magazine, it is not as valuable as some of the full color covers; however, it is still sought after. I am looking for this one myself.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rare Photos from A Sainted Devil

These are five photos from the lost film, "A Sainted Devil," from 1924. I have recently read that portions of this film are still in existence. I would love just to see whatever is out there. I assume since this is no patched together DVD out there for sale, like The Young Rajah, that was exists must be very minimal. Let me know if anyone has any information.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Son of the Sheik Glass Slide

This is a glass slide from the film, "The Son of the Sheik," from 1926. The glass slide was the movies first version of a "movie trailer." It was a way to show the audience coming attractions. Most original Valentino glass slides ( there are replicas out there) are colorful and not too easy to find. Many older glass slides are cracked and broken, condition is everything with these. These normally start around $100.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I could not think of anything pertaining to Halloween / Valentino to post that I have not already posted such as the occult books like Voice of Valentino or The Return of Valentino, so I thought I would just post this great early photo that has a yellowish / orange hue. Happy Halloween to everyone!

Vintage Danish Filmen Magazine

This is a vintage magazine, I am unsure of the date, from Denmark. The magazine depicts a side-profile of Valentino. This magazine is not too valuable, most of the magazines with color covers tend to be more desirable; but, would be sought after for collectors to add to their collection.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photos with Valentino Movie Advertisements

The first item is a photo from London, dated 1924. The photo depicts a traffic police officer directing traffic, in the background there is a billboard for the film, "A Sainted Devil." Imagine what that billboard would be worth today. I would love to own one, but, where would you display it, on the side of your house? The second item, a postcard, depicts Denbigh in Wales with a movie theatre in the background with a large advertisement for the film, Blood and Sand. I find both of these items unique, they are snapshots in time that show Valentino's movies at the theater.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Tobacco Card

This is a color tobacco card from the British American Tobacco Company. It is dated from 1926. The card depicts Valentino from the film, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The color tobacco cards tend to be more desirable and more valuable.

Spanish Color Son of the Sheik Magazine

This is a wonderful color magazine called Revista de Revistas, which translates to Review Journals. The magazine depicts Valentino and Vilma Banky from the film, "The Son of the Sheik." The magazine looks to be from the 40's or 50's, the cover has a quality, colorized photo. This is another example of an obscure foreign magazine that is not seen very often.

Five Different Rudolph Valentino Postcards

These are five different postcards, some are candids, some are studio portraits. Postcards are a reasonable, original, vintage item that can purchased for a very reasonable price. My personal favorite are the Beagles postcards with the beveled edges, they tend to be a bit more pricey as well. I also find it interesting that most Valentino post cards I have come across are unused, which increases the value as well. I assume most people bought them and put them away as a memento.