Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rare Alberto Valentino Autographed Photo

This is a rare find. It is a Henry Waxman photograph of Rudolph Valentino signed by his brother, Alberto Valentino. The photo reads:

To Mrs. Pearl M. Smith, In memoriam of my beloved Rudy, devotedly, Alberto Guglielmi Valentino, Sept. 1927

It is not common to find Alberto's signature on one of Rudy's photos. This makes this piece more unique and more valuable. The value would not bring as much as Rudy's signature but, would still bring a generous amount. As I have previously noted, it is amazing the similarities between the handwriting of these brothers, especially the way in which they both sign Valentino.


  1. I think I seen this autograph on ebay, did you buy it lol ??

  2. It was on ebay, no, I did not buy it, I wish I could have! It was priced a little too high and way too much for me.

  3. I had to check, it must of been taken down or bought as I can't find the listing.

    I think it was too expensive as unique as the item is, the signature is not Rudolph Valentinio's.

  4. I think they were asking $7500, I think $500 to $2000 would be more realistic. It is very difficult to say, there are not many Alberto Valentino autographs available for sale.