Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Isle of Love Movie Poster

This is a rare movie poster from The Isle of Love. This is a film from 1918 Valentino had a bit part in; however, when his career took off the movie studios decided to re-release some of his early films. They re-spliced the films to make it appear that Valentino was the star of the film, even though in most he had supporting roles. This was the case with The Isle of Love which was re-released in 1922. Even the movie poster appears to give him a starring role.

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  1. I was just reading an article in the Dec. 1922 issue of Screenland magazine about this practice of "warming over" old films. It's written as an expose and calls these rehashed films "monkey gland movies". They single out three movies in which Valentino appeared, A Rogue's Romance, The Delicious Little Devil, and The Isle of Love, originally An Adventuress. There is a photo in the article of another re-release poster from this same movie.