Friday, July 29, 2011

Photos from The Young Rajah

Here are five photos from the film, "The Young Rajah." Most of these photos are rare and hard to find. Many items from this film are still highly sought after. Even though the film was recently found, the print is not a complete copy. Therefore, there are many photos that do not appear in the film. There are many great items from the film out there.


  1. Wow, great find! It's unfortunate to think that this movie was lost! I would have love to to see it! It was such an interesting part of his career! Do you know where it can be found nowadays?

  2. The reconstruction of the extant fragments along with stills from the film is part of the dvd set "Valentino: Rediscovering An Icon Of Silent Film" from Flicker Alley. It includes Moran of the Lady Letty as well as two early films and the fragment of The Young Rajah. Great vintage footage and other special features as well.

  3. I put the link for this DVD over on the right of the page. It takes you to Amazon, where they generally have the best price on the set. I wish it was a complete edition of the film; however, I am glad to see the version that is on the DVD.