Sunday, July 3, 2011

Early Spanish Rudolph Valentino Tobacco Card

This is a rare, early Spanish Tobacco Card. The top of the card reads, "Artistas y Peliculas, which translates to Artists and Movies. This is a colorized early tobacco card that features "Rodolph Valentino." This card is quite valuable since it appears to be pre-Four Horsemen. The earlier items tend to be more valuable and more desirable. I have a fair amount of tobacco cards, but have never seen this one before. So, needless to say, this is one I am on the lookout for. So much to find!


  1. That's so elegant. I love the light colors and the earthtone hues. Very appropriate. Valentino loved a ciggerete!

  2. Why do you feel it's pre-Four Horsemen?

  3. It is a great card! To me he looks very young in this card; furthermore, he often used Rodolph or Rodolfo prior to 1921. I could be incorrect though, it just appears to me to a bit older than 1921.