Friday, July 29, 2011

Swedish Movie Poster from The Sheik

This is a movie poster from the film, The Sheik. This poster is from Sweden. I am not 100% sure; however, it does not appear to original, it appears to be from a re-release. Again, I have no idea, just a guess. It is a unique poster that depicts a small scene from the film along with a mad, scowling depiction of Valentino. A very unique and hard to find poster!


  1. I hope one of these days Rudy will be seen as not just the Sheik, but as the noble and down to earth soul he was. Great poster though.

  2. It is difficult sometimes for actors to be seen outside of their screen persona. Furthermore, most actors have that one role that made them a memorable actor, it seems The Sheik is that role for Rudy.