Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photos from a Rogue's Romance

These are rare photos from the 1919 film, A Rogue's Romance, starring Earle Williams. This is one of 7 films Valentino had a bit part in, in 1919. This was one of the many early films that was re-released when Valentino became a star. The studio's would often re-cut the film where Valentino's parts were played more than once, making it appear he had a bigger part in the film than he actually did. Just a few years after these films were released, Valentino was red hot and all of the studios wanted to capitalize. Original photo stills from the original release of these films are very difficult to find, most of the promotional material did not include Valentino. Three of these photos are from Frau Wulf, who has a great website by the way, definitely check it out!

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