Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rare 1978 Spanish Biography

This is a biography of Valentino from 1978, written in Spanish and published in Spain. The name of the book is: Valentino la seduccion manipulada by Antonio tello and Gonzalo otero pizzaro. The English translation of the title is Valentino, Manipulated Seduction. This is not a common book in the states, I am still on the lookout for one of these myself. There was a resurgence of Valentino in the 1970's. Movie stars from the 20's and 30's on a whole were again popular in the 1970's. For Valentino, there were a couple of movies made about him, along with numerous books written about his life and movies.


  1. Hello Brad, hope you are well. I have enjoyed your posts lately especially the Blood and Sand stills. Cheers to you and Mr.Valentino on his birthday.

  2. Hey Ana, Everything is good here, great to hear from you. Have you picked up any treasures lately? I have picked up a few things, but have not had time to post them. I hope everything is going well with you, talk to you soon!

  3. Just a few, the nicest of which is a Relicario/Kashmiri Song 78 record in fine condition and a beautiful original candid of Mr & Mrs Valentino circa 1923...