Saturday, May 26, 2012

Photos from The Sheik

These are five photos from The Sheik. The Sheik is the quintessential Valentino film. The film co-starred Agnes Ayres and Adolphe Menjou. This is the film that truly launched Valentino into stardom. This was the first Valentino film I had ever seen, the rest is history. I highly recommend watching the version with the musical accompaniment from Roger Bellon. The following are a few photos not commonly seen from the film, the photo of Valentino and Menjou is from Ana's collection!


  1. There is a great little vintage cinema bookstore here in Seattle called "Cinema books". Not the most creative title, but they have a wonderful selection of vintage films and photos and reads. i found a picture of rudy as the shiek which i had framed in a second hand store frame and dulled brown with coffee. It looks awesome!

  2. Chris,

    Those little stores are the best for finding random treasures. If you want send me a photo of your framed Sheik photo so that I can post it if you would like to share.