Friday, May 4, 2012

Blood and Sand Stamped Signature

This is a fan photo from the film, Blood and Sand. These photos which can be found from many of Valentino's films, such as The Sheik, Blood and Sand, The Ealge, and even The Hooded Falcon, all have the same stamped signature. These are commonly mistaken for authentic autographs, as did I when I first received one as a gift. The most common trait that each of these photos have is the dented "a" in Valentino, this is a indication that the photo has a stamped signature. I have seen people try to trace these with blue or green markers to appear real; however, they are not, be cautious. Even though they are not authentic they are still from the 20's and some of these were actually sent out by Valentino himself. With that being said they are still fairly desirable, just not overly valuable. Don't think you can sell one of these and go buy a new car, more like a nice dinner, well, a semi-nice dinner.

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