Saturday, March 26, 2011

Very Rare Lenci Doll from The Ealge

This a ultra rare Lenci Doll from the film, The Eagle. I came across this online, which was taken from the Theimer Auction catalog. The most well known and highly sought after Lenci Doll of Valentino is from The Sheik. I was unaware one from The Eagle even existed. These dolls are very fragile and highly collectible, most of these dolls are valued in the thousands. The photo of this one from the auction catalog appears to be in fantastic condition. I did notice they listed the date of the film as 1922, which is obviously incorrect, it is 1925, which is when they date the doll from. If anyone knows of any other Lenci dolls in existence, besides these two, let me know. I do not own any of the Lenci Dolls, let alone seen any in person. That's right, I am a full grown man, looking for a doll!

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  1. I have a Rudolph Valentino rag doll with plaster hands..broken ..and possibly papier mache face..he is wearing breechers and boots and lots of lace. He has the signature on the inside of his coat, With him is a lady doll..spanish? Any ideas?