Monday, March 7, 2011

1926 Cuban Carteles Magazine

This is a Cuban magazine from September 1926. The name of the magazine is Carteles, which translates to Posters. Items from some countries such as Russia, China, and Cuba are more difficult to come across. I do not own this item, it appears to made from a thinner newspaper material. This magazine is most likely not as valuable as a color-cover magazine, however, the rarity of being from Cuba would increase the value.


  1. This would be very valuable to a Cuban-American collector such as myself. My parents have some of these magazines from the 1950's. My grandmother's baby sister is still alive in Havana and in her 90s. Maybe it's time I took a trip and got to know my Cuban relatives...

  2. That would be great to travel to Cuba, not only to see your family and learn about your Cuban roots, but to look for any Valentino items. Other countries often have rare and unusual items that can be found for reasonable prices. It is difficult to say just how much Cuban items are out there.

  3. As I mentioned before, my grandmother was a fan and she was in Cuba until the 60s. My great-aunt, her sister, is the only one living of her five siblings and she has all the family photos and memorabilia. Were she alive today,my grandmother would be 105 . I know she went to movies often during the silent era. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there is a Valentino item among the things she had to leave behind because she liked to save things.
    Thanks for posting this.