Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hand Written Letter from Valentino

Bryan, who is new to reading the blog, the owner of the Monsieur Beaucaire Coat I posted a few days ago has sent me some absolutely fantastic photos of items from his personal collection to post. This is a hand written letter from 1923 as they set sail for Europe. It is addressed to Mr. Rosen, I believe thanking him for a basket he had sent to the Valentino's. It is written in Valentino's favorite green ink on the ships stationary. This is yet another "one of a kind item." Yes there are other letters out there but each one is obviously unique. This one is wrote in the green ink, it is dated, and signed with his full name. Overall, a truly fantastic and valuable piece! Congratulations Bryan and thank you so much for sharing, we all really appreciate it!


  1. Fabulous. Is this by chance to Mr. Philip Rosen who directed him in The Young Rajah?

  2. Ana,

    That is a great point! It was the last film he did before their European trip, I wonder if Bryan has any further information on it, good call!

  3. great piece! Bryan seems to have a lot of unique collectibles. Are you single Bryan ? lol