Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photos from The Young Rajah

The following are five photos from the film, "The Young Rajah." The film was made in 1922 and most of it was lost up to a few years ago. The copy out there is not a complete copy, so we as collectors can piece the film back together with many of the stills that are out there. A few of these photos are fairly rare and not seen to often. Valentino did not care for this film, he felt they were exploiting him, which they were, which was not difficult to understand.


  1. The storyline is outrageous but the sets and costumes are certainly lavish. As a besotted female I certainly am grateful that fragment of the rowing scene remains. Such muscles! Haha..
    Do you happen to be the winning bidder of the top photo?

  2. Hey Ana,

    Haha, oh the rowing scene, many females are grateful for that scene remaining, for various reasons.

    I did not win the first photo, often I am happy just save a copy for the blog, and for my Valentino folder on my computer. I really do love the photos, sometimes they do get expensive, especially the original ones that you and I and most collectors really enjoy.

  3. oh that rowing scene! i thought to myself how did those women he was waving to didn't fall overboard ?

  4. Hahahaha, it did not have the same effect on me, but I am sure he would be glad his lady admirers enjoyed it!

  5. Lindsay,
    I'm right there with you. Didn't Natacha design those trunks? Heehee.

    Sorry about that, I couldn't help myself. That photo went for a very reasonable price, wish I'd bid on it.

  6. Love the elephant - so realistic :)

    I know the film is only pieced together from photos and bits of film but why are there so many stills that were not used in the final version - such as the beaded outfit? Does anybody know?