Friday, March 18, 2011

Spanish Edition of The Sheik, El Arabe

This is a Spanish hardback edition of The Sheik from 1948. This edition was published in Barcelona, the cover art was by well known artist, Soligo. This is one of those many items that some Valentino collectors want and some do not, since it actually does not depict Valentino. I am on the fence about most items like this; however, being a book collector this would be something I would look for. This is not a common book; but, being from the 40's it would not be as valuable as some of the original editions from the 20's. Still a sought after item for book collectors like myself.

I would like to thank one of the many people who read the blog, Carmelo, for sending me the photo of this book. I appreciate you sharing your book with all of us!

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