Friday, January 1, 2010

Signed Checks

These are four great examples of checks Valentino signed. I find the first one to be the most valuable and interesting it was addressed to Nazimova, who he co-starred in Camille with. They are very valuable and desirable. Autographed photos are more desired and more valuable; however these still go for $1000 and up.


  1. What do you think about the one that just listed on ebay today? I think it's pretty cool and not outrageously priced like that one that's been on there for months. $10k, REALLY??

  2. I just looked at that auction. The one downside about the check is the process the bank completed on the check, the indention's cover most of his signature. I feel this would slightly devalue the check. The $1000 on that one may be on the high side. The $10K is very overpriced, especially since you can purchase an autographed photo for much less, as you well know. Furthermore, a framed check is just not the same as an framed autographed photo.

  3. Good info. Thanks, Brad.