Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rudy, An Intimate Portrait of Rudolph Valentino

This is one of the top three most difficult books to find on Valentino. The other two would be, "How you can keep fit," and the Estate Catalog. This is the hardback edition of Rudy, An Intimate Portait of Rudolph Valentino by Natacha Rambova. This was published in London in 1926 by Hutchinson and Company. My understanding is there was only one printing of this book. Very difficult to find and very expensive. I found this book in Hollywood in 1995 without the dust jacket, back then it was $750. This is one I hope to stumble upon at a flea market or antique mall, if I do you will hear a loud scream that could be heard across three states!


  1. wow I'd love to find that book too.

  2. Check out i have a copy of this book for sale at a very good price.

  3. If your book has a dust cover could you send me a photo to post, thank you and have a great day. Feel free to link your book in this comment section.