Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photos of Valentino with Natacha

These are various photos of Valentino with his wife, Natacha Rambova.

This photo features Rudy, Natacha, and his brother Alberto.

In this photo she is almost smiling, I think it is because she is leaving him. (Obviously not a big fan of her)

This is a rare photo from the Mineralava Dancing Tour, where they danced the tango from The Four Horseman.

This is Rudy and Natacha, with my favorite of Valentino's leading ladies, Nita Naldi. Natacha did not care for her, this makes me like her even more.


  1. Do you really think Natacha was unappreciative as people have said?

  2. I tend to think that Natacha was very strong willed and a bit over-powering. I feel that she truly loved Valentino. I also think power got to her head when she tried to manage Valentino's career and the film studios. Overall, I tend to think bossy instead of unappreciative. She would probably make a great CEO today!