Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Eagle Coin / Token

This is a coin / token from 1925. This token was given out to fans during the showing of the film, The Eagle. The back of the token listed the name of the theatre and the city it was located in. Each theatre gave out about 600 tokens. Even though these were massed produced they are very soughy after by collectors and quite valuable.


  1. Rudy threw these out of his car window outside the Strand Theater as a sort of decoy at the New York premiere so that he and his companion could escape the mob. Strand coins would definitely be the most desirable, I'd think. How often do you see these come up for sale?

  2. That is a great story, I guess I should read a few more of those 80 books in the Rudy room, hahaha. I have seen them come up on ebay every few months, as far as the ones from The Strand, I am unsure. I need to go check mine to see where it is from. Often these coins were made cheaply and are not easy to find in good condition.