Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Sainted Devil Movie Posters

These are a few variations of movie posters from the film, "A Sainted Devil." The first poster is the most common. The bottom three are rare variations of the movie posters. All are very rare and very valuable.


  1. I recently saw a Sainted Devil poster in a shop that looked to have good age to it. Are there any clues to find an original ? Value ? Thanks

  2. Yes there are. Many posters have a date somewhere at the bottom. I have seen some posters with an address which includes a zip code. The interesting thing is that zip codes were not used until 1963, which is a good indicator of age. Originals are very rare and difficult to come by. It sounds strange but original vintage posters have a certain feel to them along with how the colors appear on the paper. Most original Valentino movie posters, not re-releases are valued in the upper thousands, more realistically around $10,000 and up.

    There were many reprints produced in the 60's and 70's, which sell for about $20-$40. Good luck! If you want to send me a photo I may be able to give you more information.

  3. I have a poster I just purchased at an estate sale.
    Sainted Devil with Rudolph Valentino.
    The top has a number bar and the bottom says
    924 LITHO U.S.A.

    Its in rough shape, some tears on large on about 8 inches up from bottom.

    How can I determine if this really is from 1960's or earlier?
    I'd appreciate your help.

    Dawn Hass

  4. The color is very good however some yellowing.

  5. I have what I believe to be an orginal, layered paper poster. Mine doesn't have a portal productions number, only has a Paramount Pictures stamp-type printed on it. What do you think? What do you think it would be worth? I can send you some photo's to have a look as well... Cheers