Friday, January 1, 2010

My Private Diary

This is "My Private Diary," by Rudolph Valentino. This was wrote by Valentino unlike the Intimate Journal book. This was published in 1929 by Occult Publishing. This is the hardback with the dust cover. This is not an easy book to find.


  1. I would really like to own a copy of this and there is currently one on ebay for $200, but it looks a bit rough. I think the covers are detached. This seems a bit steep for a copy in this condition?

  2. I agree that if the covers are detached, this seems to be a bit pricey. However, I did a little research on a few sites and saw that this book in good condition with the dust cover is going for $500 plus. This is much more than the going price a few years ago. The same thing happened for the auction catalog as well. Even if it is a $500 book, if it has detached covers it should go for less than $200 I would think. I will keep my eyes open for you. I am sure you have done this but hit up all of your local book stores, you may get lucky!

  3. I found one in paperback for $15.00. Brand new! Keep looking.....