Friday, January 1, 2010

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Lobby Cards

These are four different Lobby Cards from the film, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Original lobby cards are valuable and difficult to find in good condition. One this to keep in mind with lobby cards are ones called "dead cards." A dead card fails to feature the star in the scene on the card, they are substantially less valuable than the other cards. The fourth card, at the bottom does not feature Valentino, thus it is a dead card.


  1. These are great. There is a listing on ebay for a "Delicious Little Devil" card from its first release in 1919 for $575.00. I really like it and keep thinking about it but it seems a bit expensive, no?

  2. I did a little research on the lobby card listed on ebay. It does appear to be an original release. If you look on the blog here, under the "The Delicious Little Devil," posts I have a post for a promotional guide that features material that was for the re-released film. All of the material at the bottom reads, "It's a Universal." Another post shows the exact card you are looking at only with colorization, it states, "It's a Universal," at the bottom. This means the one on ebay is an original 1919 release. Any promotional material such as this is much more difficult to find, and often difficult to prove that it is an original release.

    As far as price it is not uncommon to see some Valentino lobby cards, especially title cards to go for $500 to $2000 and up. The card in question should easily go for $700 to $1000 depending on the condition. Again, you have found an item with a buy it now, I would offer them around $350 to $400 or so, and let them counter offer you with their lowest price. I have seen this on ebay a few times, they should be ready to sell at a reduced price.

    I hope this helps, good luck, keep me posted!

  3. This information helps very much. I've placed this one on my "watch" list for the time being since I've spent my budget for now. Its a very cool piece and I sure want it. I'll let you know if I pull the trigger. Haha. Thanks once again for your invaluable assistance.

  4. Not a problem at all. The collecting can get a bit expensive. I have passed on some great items due to price. My favorite collectibles are books and sheet music, most of them, not all, are fairly reasonable. Unfortunately, the only books I do not have are the more expensive ones.

    I recently obtained two more Michael Back art pieces and I did get another autograph for Christmas that I will post soon. I feel like I will never have enough items, I guess because there is so much more out there I do not have. Anyway, I am rambling, keep me posted on your purchases!

  5. Sir, you could never ramble enough on this subject, not to me. I'm utterly alone in my interest in Valentino and silent film, so any exchange is a rare pearl. Your Michael Back piece post of 12/27 is stunning, cant wait to see the others. AND a new autograph? Wish MY friends and family would get on board and stop giving me clothes for Christmas.

  6. Hahahaha, great response. Just give your friends and family a Valentino wish list so they get the hint. I make wish lists on Amazon for the holidays filled with Valentino books and DVD's, which I have most of now. I will post one of the new Michael Back items today, if I get a chance.