Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dance Tour Program

This is a rare program from the Mineralava Dance Tour from 1923. I have never seen a program like this before. I find it unique because the tour reads: Rudolph Valentino and Winifred Hudnut, which is Natacha Rambova's real name, this is a very unique piece. A reader informed me this program is from Pueblo Colorado. If anyone has any scans from the inside pages, please send them on to me and I will post them!


  1. Are there any other pages? It's from Pueblo, Colorado in case it doesn't say so on the program. I would love to see the rest of it (if there is anymore).

  2. And that is NOT Natacha on the cover. I've seen this same image used in other articles (in particular the concerning the bigamy trial). Very odd.