Saturday, June 18, 2011

Title and Lobby Cards from Camille

The first card is the title card from Camille. Traditionally there are 8 lobby cards in a set; each set has a title card which is similar to the movie poster, where it features the title and the stars of the film. The remaining cards feature the other stars and scenes from the film. Camille was another June Mathis film, that featured Nazimova. The film silently co-starred Valentino as can be seen from this title card. The studio wanted to feature Nazimova along with giving some exposure to their up and coming star, Valentino, which most likely Mathis has something to do with. This particular card, which does not feature Valentino is not as valuable to a Valentino collector as it would be to a Nazimova collector. In this case, for Valentino collectors, the second card would be more desirable. There is not a great deal of Valentino-Camille items out there, due to the top-billing of Nazimova. The items out there are fairly sought after and fairly valuable.

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