Monday, June 27, 2011

Lobby Card from The Eagle

This is a Lobby Card from the film, "The Eagle." Imagine walking up to a theater in 1925, where the studio was selling the name Valentino along with his latest film, The Eagle. Posters, Lobby Cards, Window Cards, possibly programs. The theater had to be decked out in Valentino items, a collector's dream. I do have a few photos of theaters like this I will post at a later time. The value of half of those types of items by today's standards would be staggering. That is a lot of history for an 11x14 86 year old piece of this thick-stock paper! By the way, this card as all original Eagle lobby cards, except the dead card are very desirable and very valuable.


  1. I so want a lobby card!! I would definitely be an owner of a Cobra card today if I hadn't purchased an autograph and auction catalog within a month of each other. Sigh.

  2. That is the one I am looking for myself! Hopefully we will see them pop back up on ebay soon. The ones that were listed before honestly did not go for as much as I thought they would. Most likely because there was more than one on at the same time. Anyway, good luck on your search!

  3. It was a good opportunity, and I would have definitely put more muscle behind my bids, under other circumstances. I know you had a similar situation at the time as well.