Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wooden Michael Back Orignal Rudolph Valentino Art

This is another great piece of original Michael Back art I just obtained. This piece depicts a side profile of Valentino from The Eagle. The bottom left corner reads RV, the bottom right corner reads, "Back, 89." This is a wonderful one of a kind piece from Michael Back, who's Valentino collection was featured in Jack Scagnetti's book, the Intimate Life of Rudolph Valentino.


  1. Gorgeous. It's remarkable that he could achieve such a good likeness in this medium. You can definitely feel the love from the artist for his subject coming through in this piece.

  2. That is very true. He really is a fantastic artist. He has made various items such as the burnt wood pieces, drawings, and plaques. I believe he told me he has been collecting for over 60 years!

  3. I can only imagine the goodies in that collection. Sigh.

  4. Mike
    looked you up!
    hope it's you?
    this is Jack Clarke's son..
    John here!!!
    please get back to me if you are him
    from syarcuse ny....
    hope it's you.......

  5. John, My name is Brad Frick, I run this blog. The item listed was created by Michael Back, I am unsure if that is who you are looking for.