Saturday, January 15, 2011

1951 Paperback Book From The Sheik

This is a paperback book from Valentino's 1921 film, "The Sheik." The book was published by Dell in 1951, the same year the film, "Valentino" was released starring Anthony Dexter. If you have never seen this film, I highly recommend it. Not because of the film, or it's accuracy; because of Anthony Dexter. Anthony Dexter could have been Valentino's twin! I mean you really have to do a double take when you see him, and especially this film. I remember watching it for the first time, I was like Rudy in color...and talking?

Anyway, the cover of this book features a profile photo of Valentino and a shot of Anthony Dexter in a Sheik costume. It seems Dell wanted to promote Valentino along with Dexter and the film. This is not a very common book, but not overly valuable as well. Still a great piece to have.


  1. The likeness is uncanny. The movie is hard to find, but TCM is playing it on June 17th.

  2. I am unsure if you have seen the movie, but when you watch it, it is very strange at times because some of Dexter's looks are spot on and for a minute you get fooled! So, if you have not seen the film watch it on the 17th!