Friday, May 14, 2010

The Son of the Sheik Newspaper Ad

This is a newspaper ad for the film, "The Son of the Sheik." Notice this ad does not feature an actual depiction of Valentino. Once Valentino died it was a difficult decision what to do about advertising for the movie, some people felt it was disrespectful to capitalize and market a deceased person. Others wanted to see his image plastered on everything, everywhere.


  1. I have recently become interested in everything Valentino. I am curious to know how many times "Son of the Sheik" was re-released in theatres.

    Those were distinctly heady times. It's amazing how many barriers were broken and standards set. I understand that "new" morality standards were issued in the 1930's and that certain of the "rape" scenes were cut from "Son..." for re-release in the '30's. Not for nothin', but I sure would like to see those scenes...I read a blog that was written by someone who had seen those scenes. They stated it was very intense, artistic and passionate.

  2. I am glad to hear that you have recently become interested in Valentino. That is a very good question regarding The Son of the Sheik. The Motion Picture Association implemented the Hays code in 1934. This code banned "unacceptable content" in film. I never really considered that scene to be too over-the-top, but it might have been too strong for the time.

    I know the film was re-released in the late 30's and again in the late 40's. Honestly, it may be difficult to know just how many times the film was re-released. Furthermore, privately owned theatres could have re-released it on their own if they chose to.

    I own The Son of the Sheik on VHS, I am unaware if the film has been cut, to my knowledge it has not. In the version I own he slowly walks toward her with his arms out in a menacing way, he grabs her and kisses her as she fights him off, this goes on for a bit, then it shows her laying on the bed crying. I am unsure if this is the version you saw, or a different one. One thing to remember with silent films is that each copy you rent or buy may be slightly different. This is due to what has survived over the years, so I would suggest trying a few different copies. Good luck and thank you for your comments.