Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photos from The Young Rajah

These are five photos from the film, "The Young Rajah." The screenplay was wrote by June Mathis, who is pictured in the last photo on the set. This was the film that Valentino felt the studio was exploiting him and walked out on his contract. He and Natacha wanted more control of the films he was starring in, this film did not satisfy their wants and needs. This is yet another of Valentino's lost films that was recently found. The copy in existence is incomplete and is accompanied with spliced in stills to compensate for the lost footage. It is a rough copy in places, but is much better than no copy at all.


  1. There's reason to hope that "The Young Rajah" and other Valentino "lost" or fragmented films could turn up. Last October, the Library of Congress received the first 10 of 200+ silent films that the Russian government has archived. Four of the first 10 titles were Famous Players films from the 1920's, although none are Valentino films. All were considered "lost" forever, so keep your fingers crossed. I am also hoping for less-edited versions of those films that do exists, such as "Blood and Sand" and "Beyond the Rocks".

  2. I always wondered where the location of him on his horse in front of a gate with Valhalla written in ironwork is? I love your collection, thank you dearly for sharing it, very thorough and beautifully presented!