Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photos of The Strand Theater Showcasing The Sheik

These are two fantastic photos depicting The Strand theater when The Sheik was playing. There is an original movie poster in the framed stand out front along with various lobby cards, window cards and etc. I am unable to see if the all the items are from The Sheik or not, I just find it to be a fascinating photo. The second one depicts a fan or theater worker dressed in his best Sheik garb posing by the poster, I would guess a fan; but, who knows. I really find these photos to be fantastic, you just do not see these types of photos around too often.


  1. I believe this is an early re-issue circa 1922/23. THey give him top billing as well as spelling his name as "Rodolph" which he only went by that spelling for 1922 films.

  2. Thanks for the information, I have seen the name "Rodolph" used from time to time, I knew it was mainly from earlier films, but did not know they were pre-1922, thanks again for the info!