Saturday, January 7, 2012

Assorted Rudolph Valentino Busts

I found this photo on an auction house website a while back. These are various busts and possibly wall hangings that had been auctioned off...I always miss these things. Side note, I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into an antique mall or old country collectibles store where I inquire about any Valentino items and they proceed to tell me they had this or that and just recently sold it, oh well, I digress. This is a wonderful collection depicting Valentino from The Four Horsemen, The Son of the Sheik, and possibly The Sheik. Some appear to have been mass produced while other could have been privately made. If anyone has any further information, please let me know. I believe this lot sold for a fairly substantial amount. If they are truly vintage I would believe them to be fairly valuable.


  1. Brad, I went to the auction it was held here at Universal City. I wanted to bid on this lot onlly for the Four Horseman bust, but I felt it went too high. It was Billie's collection, she was a long time attendee at the Valentino Memorial. She had many Valentino pieces at that auction, as you probably already know. I purchased one of the Mineralava trophies and the super rare certificate from the Mineralava Madison Sq Garden. The certificate was large in size, and signed by Rudy and the president of Mineralava whos name I cant recall at the moment.

  2. It must be great to be able to attend some of these various auctions in person. Not too many Hollywood auctions here in St. Louis. Those sound like some great pieces to own. I have seen a few of the Mineralava trophies, well photos of them. I will have to keep an eye out for upcoming auctions.

  3. While cleaning out my neighbors house, I found a few busts that look very similar to the one in the lower right hand area. Any idea about this one?