Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beyond the Rocks Movie Poster

This is a colorful, vibrant, classic movie poster depicting Gloria Swanson and Valentino from the film, "Beyond the Rocks." This is a rare, and hard to find poster from the 1922 film. There are so many different variations of posters that exists for each film. It is amazing just how many of them I have never seen before, including this one. I also find it interesting the poster has Henry Clive's signature on the bottom, the same artist who was responsible for the Canco Tins, one of The Sheik posters and many other items as well. This is truly a fantastic piece.


  1. I always loved this poster. So beautiful. The colors, the Art Nouveu look. Gorgeous.

  2. Yes, it is definitely one of the most colorful U.S. posters out there and yes very artistic. I would love to see this in person.